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This is us

We are here out of necessity, the necessity to carry on a legacy in the hope that one day we will be last, the last to lose a love one to suicide. Everyone has an opinion, ours is that suicide can be prevented, depression and bipolar disorders can be prevented. It is our opinion that depression and bipolar disorders most often stem from Judgement..the judgement of others as to what is right or wrong and what is good and bad.  IF WE STOP JUDGING OTHERS THEN THEY WILL HAVE NO REASON TO TRY AND FIT IN OR IMPRESS OTHERS, WHICH IN THE CASE OF OUR LOVE ONE IS WHAT BROUGHT HER TO FEEL SHE WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!  LETS TRY AND BE LAST AND LISTEN WITHOUT JUDGEMENT.

Whats going on!

We are entering the final phase of the remodel, the walls are up and painted the floors are primed, we have added 5 new back drops for rental and the dressing room and lounge area have been updated.  The calendar is now open to book on Saturday and Sunday as a soft opening and additional days will be added as we complete the remodel.  We appreciate all your patients and hope you enjoy the new updates.

We now charge for use of the studio at a minimum fee, this will allow us to continue to offer our counseling service to those that need us at no charge.



The last to lose a love one to depression and suicide.

Big News

We now offer additional backdrops for rental, at $5.00 per backdrop.


  1. What is the cost of rental? We accept donations only.
  2. Do you provide Equipment? No you must bring your own equipment and specialty lighting.
  3. What are the hours? We operate 24/7 Tues-Sat closed Monday and Sunday is for classes.
  4. How do we access the studio during business hours? The studio is self serve, an access code will be provided once a session is booked.